What is Talisium?

Talisium is an online learning portal for medical and healthcare workers that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It is a massive library of free and paid-for clinical and non-clinical micro-skills courses from some of the world's most respected professional and academic organisations.


Talisium can also store all your certificates, track learning history and collate your CPD hours and reflections earned through Talisium and other training portals in one convenient location.


What kind of courses are available?

That depends.  Currently, we have more than 4,000 online courses available through Talisium but not all of these will be relevant and available to you.  The content library has been curated to only provide you with courses that are relevant to pre-hospital care.


What healthcare e-learning can I access through Talisium?

We provide you with the ability to access and enrol into a wide range of courses covering everything from pain management, paramedic practice, communication skills and conflict resolution through to paediatrics and anaesthesia.


Are the courses relevant to healthcare professionals outside the UK?

Yes, absolutely.

The content, which has been written by leading subject-matter experts, is relevant to healthcare professionals globally.  Whilst many of our courses were produced for the UK's NHS and some contain references to NHS practices and country specific legislation, the overall content is relevant to in all healthcare environments worldwide. 


Why do I have to pay for courses?

Talisium brings together as much high quality content as possible into the one place so you don't have to go searching the internet to find courses.  Depending on the agreement Talisium has with the course provider, you may need to pay for courses that are of interest to you.  At this stage, we have capped the price of all courses at $19.99 which we still think is incredible value.  As a member of United Workers Union you have also been provided with access to 276 FREE courses.


What are subsidised courses?

United Workers Union have heavily subsidised 93 courses that are most relevant to paramedic practice and pre-hospital care.  Instead of paying $19.99 for each course you will only pay $5.


Can I do the courses on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can access most of the content from your smartphone or tablet provided you have internet access.  Most of the content has been developed to be mobile responsive although if you cannot complete a course on your mobile then we recommend trying again on a tablet, laptop or desktop.


When will I get access to my course?


Once you have identified a course you want to complete and paid the enrolment fee (if it is a premium course) then you will be able to start the course immediately.


Does Talisium offer face to face events?

We are currently reviewing suitable partners to deliver face to face events across Australia.


Where do the courses come from?

The courses available through Talisium come from a wide range of course providers around the world.  Our main criteria is that the course provider must be a highly respected, credible and evidence based provider of education content that is relevant to you, our members.  Our current course providers include the following.


Accessing your e-learning portal

How do I login?


To access your eLearning portal is simple. 


Go to

This will take you directly to the login page for the Talisium online learning portal where you just need to enter the following details:

  • Username - Enter your email address (* it must be the same email address that you use to receive communications from United Workers Union)

  • Password - (note: your default password is set to Password1 and will need to be changed when you login for the first time). 

Follow the prompts and you are all good to go, it's that easy. 



Quick Tips for Navigating your Dashboard


Navigating the course information


Course Selection and Navigation

How do I search for a course?

You have multiple options to search for courses that are on the topic you are looking for.


How do I find the free and subsidised courses?

Subsidised courses can be found via Catalog on your dashboard. This will take you to a list that has your subsidised and free courses at the top for your convenience, followed by all other courses grouped by category. 


You can also access your subsidised courses by clicking on the Paramedics folder in the Catalog list 

Free courses can be found via Catalog on your dashboard. This will take you to a list where Free Courses has been placed at the top for your convenience. 



Or you can enter 'Free' in the search bar at the top of your dashboard. .  This will return all courses that are tagged 'Free' (including courses with 'Free' in the title). "Enroll' to the right indicates the course is free.


Where do I find my course?

You will find courses that your have enrolled in or begun in My Courses in your dashboard. 


What are bundled courses?

Bundled courses are collections of courses grouped together under a common theme. They typically relate to each other and in many cases, have been designed to be taken together as a progressive learning path.


How to tell if the course is right for you

When you search for a course of interest and click on the course tile or name, you will be taken to an information page where you can:

  1. See who provides the course;

  2. A summary of what the course is about;

  3. The learning objectives for the course;

  4. The price to enrol into the course (if any);

  5. How many credits apply to the course (0.5 = 30 minutes);

  6. Tags associated with that course which allow you to quickly find other courses with a similar tag by clicking on any of the tags; and

  7. Course resources which provide you with more information to support your CPD logbook.


At this stage all courses require an internet connection.


What happens when I finish a course?

When you complete a course you can close the window and return to your e-learning dashboard. 


If you have successfully completed all assessments and requirements for the course it will be marked as 50% complete. 


To finish the course to 100% you may be asked to answer a few questions to provide feedback on the course to help us improve your experience. 


Once this has been done you will receive your certificate and the course will be marked as complete in your transcript.

To record the course for your logbook, simply click on the CPD logbook tile on your dashboard and follow the prompts to enter the relevant information. 


How will I know when new content is added to Talisium?

Talisium will update you via email and newsletters about new content that we think is relevant to your profession.


Do I have to apply for a course?

No.  Once you have access to the Talisium content library you can search and enrol immediately into any course.


Do I need any prior qualifications or experience?

Our courses and programmes have been designed to meet the needs of a broad range of trainees and qualified healthcare professionals.  For most courses, we do not ask that you hold certain qualifications or meet certain criteria.

Some courses are aligned to specialist medical curricula so there is a certain level of medical knowledge required in these cases.  On the whole, however, the courses and programmes  are accessible to a broad audience of learners.



Are the programmes accredited for continuous professional development (CPD) or continuing medical education (CME)?

Our courses have been developed and are delivered by Talisium's global network of content partners and content providers including universities, medical Royal Colleges and various professional bodies whose work underpins CPD for healthcare professionals.  Whilst many of our courses were produced for the UK's NHS, with some containing references to NHS practices and country specific legislation, the overall content is relevant to all healthcare environments worldwide.


Certificates of completion will automatically be added to your dashboard (accessible through the Transcript tile) and can be downloaded once a course has been completed.  These can be used as evidence of learning for training and CPD/CME purposes alongside completion of your logbook. You will need to check with your governing body about CPD standards and requirements. 


They are not qualifications of any formal assessment.


What are credits (vs CPD points or hours)

Credits reflect time blocks for a course so .5 = 30 minutes of learning  and 1 = 1 hour of learning.


Once a course is finished, how do I complete it and register the CPD points?

For some courses, you may be asked to complete a short feedback review before the course is marked as 100% complete. Simply follow the prompts to complete. This will take less than one minute. 

To record the course for your logbook, simply click on the CPD logbook tile on your dashboard and follow the prompts to enter the relevant information. 


How do I access and enter my CPD record?

From your dashboard click on the CPD Logbook Tile.

This will take you to the following page where it is recommended that you create a members account so that you can enter your CPD.


How do I add my CPD record?

Once you have completed the log on process you will be presented with the Add CPD Information page.


Complete all of the required fields as a minimum.

Your reflection can be auto generated to a large extent by clicking on the Reset reflection to template and answer YES!

Can I edit my CPD record?

Select the CPD History page from your membership profile.

This will open the History page

Modify the page that appears.


Can I edit my CPD record?

Select the CPD History page from your membership profile.

This will open the History page

Modify the page that appears.

How do I upload my previous CPD history from another provider?

After exporting your history from your current provider's site you will need to upload this document to our CPD Logbook Site.


So, I finished my course, how do I get my certificate?

Click on the Transcript tile to see the list of

  • Your completed courses

  • Courses to be completed

  • Courses that are in the process of being completed. 

All completed courses will automatically appear in your browser when you click on the “Transcript” tile and a copy of the certificate will automatically be sent to your email address when you complete each course.


How do I generate a copy of my transcript?

Clicking on the Transcript tile of your dashboard will take you to your detailed learning record which you can print for future reference.


Do I get to keep a record of my learning activity?

Yes, you can track your learning history and progress through the Transcript tile on the dashboard.


Will I receive a formal qualification on completion?

Our courses and programmes are designed for self-directed learning (unless otherwise indicated).  Healthcare training often requires practical, clinical training and experience alongside this e-learning.  So, for this reason, unless otherwise indicated, our courses do not provide a formal qualification.


What happens to my learning history if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription and no longer have access to the Talisium e-learning portal you will need to download copies of your documents to avoid losing your learning history. You can do this by going to your Transcript tile on the dashboard and print copies of your certificates and learning history.



I am having technical difficulties using the

e-learning, what should I do?

Contact our support team here or click on your CPD logbook tile on your dashboard within the Talisium System

Create a support ticket, complete all the necessary fields and get an answer within 24 hours.


Why do my courses take a long time to load?

Some courses might take longer to load than others, this will vary and depend on the device you are using, the connection speed you have and the actual course.  Some course pages contain rich and interactive content such as videos which can take longer to load than pages without that type of content.


How can I provide feedback to Talisium?

You can send an email direct to the Founder and CEO, Tony Brennan.  His email is


How can I unsubscribe from Talisium?

You can easily unsubscribe from within your own payment method or simply send us an email to and we will do it for you.

Once you cancel your subscription, your access will end within 48 hours and your billing will cease immediately.


Does Talisium share my details with third parties?

Absolutely not.  Unless otherwise required by law, Talisium will never share your details with any third party.


Are my payment details safe?

Absolutely, if you have subscribed to Talisium your payment details are kept safe by the highest levels of encryption and industry standards.

Clicking through T&Cs for free courses

Before you can start every course you will need to accept the terms and conditions, this applies to free courses as well due to the nature of the content being covered in some free courses.  It is important you understand that completing a course does not confer any authority on you to practice beyond your approved scope for your current job.


Forgot password?

If you forget your password you can request it from the main login page.


Log in didn’t work?

Your username must be the same email address that you use to receive communications from United Workers Union.

If you continue to experience difficulties, please email